Our Puppies

 We raise several types of dogs, including Yorkshire Terrier, Toy Poodle, and Mini Schnauzer, and sell them directly to their forever homes.  We have also been breeding crosses which are affectionately called Schnorkies (Mini Schnauzer/Yorkshire Terrier and Schnoodles (Mini Schnauzer/Toy Poodle) at the request of customers. All puppies are vet checked, dewormed twice, and have their first set of shots before they are sold. Our puppies leave after they are 8 weeks old, and come with a pamphlet with all their personal information. Only certain puppies are available some of the time, so you'll need to check to see what is currently available! 

Available Puppies

Yorkshire Terrier puppies are just born and will be available to go to their forever home by March 19, 2020


Are you a customer or a returning customer?  We'd love to hear from you and see what your puppy looks like grown up, living in their home!

Our Breeds

Yorkshire Terrier



Affectionately called "Yorkies", the Yorkshire Terrier makes a wonderful pet for a family. They are non-shedding, hypo-allergenic dogs, and a natural choice for people that suffer from allergies. Although they are small in stature, they don't seem to know it. Yorkies can get plenty of exercise in the home, but still enjoy going for walks. They also enjoy sitting on your lap for some cuddles.




Mini Schnauzer / Yorkshire Terrier Cross

If you can't decide between a Mini Schnauzer and a Yorkie, this is your dog. You get the characteristics of both all rolled into one non-shedding puppy. These dogs have a nice mix of the calm Schnauzer personality and the livelier Yorkie disposition.

Toy Poodles


 A bundle of energy boils up inside these cute dogs. They are very intelligent and need time dedicated to occupy and stimulate them. Great as indoor dogs as they are non-shedding. They can be clipped to be stylish or just left as a curly cut. A great choice for a family with small children.  (Not available right now)

Mini Schnauzer


 If you are looking for a loyal and calm pup, this is the dog for you. The Mini Schnauzer is a non-shedding dog that enjoys human companionship and the comfort of family routines. This breed is one of our favourites, and we often cross them with other breeds to give them strengths from both breeds. 

German Shepherd


 Characterized by their athleticism, courage, and intelligence, German Shepherds are a popular choice for a family dog. Powerful and versatile, they make excellent seeing-eye dogs, watchdogs, and companions. They are a devoted and faithful pet. Our puppies are black & tan with short hair. Best known as herding dogs and commonly recognizable as police dogs. 



 These cross puppies are a popular choice. Both breeds are non-shedding and the Mini Schnauzer helps to calm the Toy Poodle down a bit. This mix gives people a new look to two popular breeds.